coffeeandwater (coffeeandwater) wrote in x_emo_anaz_x,

just joined!

name: anahita
age: 16
height: 5'3
weight: 110
hw: 152
lw: 110
stwg: 105
ltwg: 90
ana? mia? both? other? ana
person who most inspires you: nicole richie
do you wear "chucks"? yupp
how many pairs do you own? 3 (pink w/ black, those with skulls and simple black ones)
does the word "skanking" mean anything to you? it*s a dance performed 2 ska music and its like a cuss for foul, filthy a promiscuous girls c:
what makes you think that you are emo? that i am not just like everybody else.

alright, gotta go
love ya
gonna post tomorrow xoxo
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