misenchanted13 (enchanted34) wrote in x_emo_anaz_x,

hello, everyone....

Name: Jennifer
age: 20 something
height: 5’7
weight: 154
HW: 154
LW: 130
stwg: 130
ltwg: 120
ana? Mia? Both? Other? Other, I tend to constantly worry and sometimes obsess about my weight. Sometimes after I’ve eaten a meal I feel guilty about what I’ve eaten. I’ve tried anything from exercising to talking diet pills to lose weight and even more extreme measures like drinking water all the time and eating smaller portions of food.
person who most inspires you: Audrey Hepburn
5 favorite emo bands: I don’t have any favorites
do you wear "chucks"? Yes
how many pairs do you own? One
does the word "skanking" mean anything to you? Yes, It’s a dance done to ska music.
What makes you think that you are emo? Cause, I’m not your average kind of girl in an average kind of world.
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