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I'm a NEwBiE!

Hey I'm new here!!! I'll try to post some thinspiration, but today I guess its about me!!!!!
age: 22
Height: 5'2
Weight: 94
(right now)Goal weight: 84
Long term gw: 80
Thinspiration: Mary Kate and Nicole Richie!!!!

I want some friends so, add me!!!
Oh and I'll post some pics of myself these were taken around thanksgiving, They're both of me, I just died my hair. I've lost about 4lbs since these were taken, but you get the idea.......When I look at these I see a FAT obese nasty WHORE!!!!!

My album cover foe when I become a ROCK StAr!!!! j/k

My sista likes to take pictures.....

Me being gay!!! Look hoW FaT mY siCk StoMacH is!!!!!!
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